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GS and Essay Test series with Discussion Sessions
Consideration: INR 22,500
  • FraternityIAS is an undisputed leader in personalized guidance/feedback on GS and Essay Test Series. Perhaps this is the reason more than 500 aspirants have sought guidance/feedback on their Tests from our high-skilled mentors.
  • Perhaps a standardized feedback can’t do what personalized feedback can do. Every aspirant has unique problems, hence, the rationale behind personalized-Guidance. Ours is perhaps the best and the most Effective Test Series available in the CSE Guidance Space.
  • The Program includes 12 Full Length GS Mains Test and 2 Essay Tests, with a flexibility to schedule the discussion sessions at convenient time
  •  Download Test series schedule
  • Downlaod Sample Test Paper



Management Optional  Program

Consideration: INR 55,000

Faculty: Sudhir Sir (PGDM, IIM Lucknow) and a group of experts


Personalised Guidance Program  Management, GS2, GS4, and Essay
Consideration: INR 80,999

Faculty: A Team of GS and Management Experts

    • The Aim of this program is only this: We will put you into the services like IAS/IFS/IPS by making you score 300+ marks in Management, 115+ in GS2 and GS4 each, and 150+ in Essay
    • This highly personalized Mentorship course includes not only Study Material, Classes and Tests, but our Team is also putting students through a very rigorous study program. 
    •  You will write approximately 35-38 lakh words during this Guidance Program. Work and Constant Motivation is our USP.
    • Before joining this Program our Mentors will evaluate your ‘PYQs Solutions’ and Notes and basis that will design a Personalized Guidance Strategy for you. Feel free to ask whatever intelligent questions you have concerning this program. 
    • Perhaps our results like (AIR 52, 55, 98,127 etc) speak why this is the most sought-after Guidance Program of the FraternityIAS. 


Frequently asked Questions

1. Whom do I contact for enrolment? A. Here is our contact information

  1. E-mail: /
  2.  Phone: +91 7838086583  8595749579
  3.  To get on a quick video call, drop an e-mail or message on the above.

2. Can I meet the Mentors and have 1-2 meetings before I join this Program?

A. Why not!  Perhaps the best thing you will do is write 6-7 PYQs of GS and the concerned Optional Subject and send it and a few scanned pages of your Notes to us. Then only the Meeting would be more productive.

3. What are the differentiating features of the FraternityIAS?

A. Labour is our only asset. We have a firm belief that only through Labour one can be a concerned Leader. We want every student of ours to be a concerned Leader and not only a Bureaucrat.